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Angler's sounds could lure blue marlin

Gone Fishin'
By George Moore III

George W. Moore III is the editor of Hook, Line & Sinker. He grew up fishing the freshwater of California and moved to Pensacola in 1995.
E-mail: GeorgeWMooreiii@pensacola

Phone: 435-8554

When Steve Jones stopped making music and moved to Pensacola, he didn't expect to get back into the business.

Then he fell in love ... with fishing and his future wife.

Steve, 53, in an accomplished artist. He was with The Pilots among other bands. But this isn't a story of his life as a musician. (You can find more on Steve's history at his Web site: home.htm)

Recently, Steve finished a new album, one inspired by his love of fishing, his wife, Page, and his best friend, Earl Robinson.

"Years ago, 20-22 years ago, I moved here and retired from the music industry," Steve said. "I just really had some bad dealings in it the last two years in it. My wife recently talked me into recording again. That's what I was doing, writing some songs for her."

Page and Steve are two of the area's best big-game fish anglers. They are members of the Pensacola Big Game Fishing Club. Page is one of the top anglers in the Ladies Auxiliary.

"I'm lucky because my wife loves to fish," Steve said. "She really inspired me to write again."

Steve wrote "Blue Marlin Darlin" about Page. The first verse explains how he feels about his wife:

Main Hook, Line and Sinker Photo

Steve Jones and his wife, Page, aboard their boat, Inspiration.

Special to the News Journal

Well fishing has been a part of my life

Most men will tell you it's hard with a wife

Some women like it and some women don't

Some will give it a try and some won't

Well I got kind of lucky and found my wish

My wife gives me all her love and lord she loves to fish

The album has been a hit around town. With songs like "Blue Marlin Blues," "Fish On" and "Tournament Time," people have been eating up Steve's sounds.

"People are just loving it, because that's all it is ... fishing for marlin," Steve said. "One song on there, 'Don't Worry About It,' was a joke. (Earl) loved it and played it for all these people, and they loved it.

"So I just kept going, and it was easy."

The song is about Steve waking up Earl, who owns Blue Angel Tire and Automotive, by starting up the boat before a fishing trip. Steve yells to Earl, "Go grab a reel!" and Earl meets him at Rod and Reel. They head out fishing, and Steve asks, "What about the guys at the shop, you think they'll be OK?"

Earl says, "Don't worry about it, Don't sweat the small things."

"It makes me feel pretty dadgum good to be part of something special," said Earl, who has been good friends with Steve for the last three or four years. "I'm always saying, 'Don't worry about it.'

"He woke me up that morning. I said I'd be right down to the boat."

There are nine tracks on the album, which costs between $12.99 and $14.99. It's available at Outcast Bait & Tackle, J&M Tackle, Gray's Tackle and possibly a few other locations.

Steve had 300 copies made, but he really doesn't care how many sell. If they sold out?

"Really, that would be a bonus," he said. "It was just fun. It started as a joke and turned into fun."

Billfish anglers in the area haven't had much fun in recent weeks while searching for blue marlin.

"This is the worst year I've ever had," Steve said. "You have to go 100 miles to find good water, then you can't find the fish.

"All this rain junk started, and we have just not seen them."

Guess we're all singing the "Blue Marlin Blues."





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