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Types of Fish

Inshore, Backwater and Bay Fishing


REDFISH:      Redfish
These fish are known for their strength.  Small or large they are one of my favorites. Reds can be caught on shallow flats with live and artificial baits.  I encourage clients to release their redfish catch, but they taste so good it is hard not to keep one.  Fried, grilled, broiled and blackened.

The speckled trout is very common in the area.   They are not the most aggressive fighters, but they will take artificial and live baits. Mainly found in the grass flats, canals, bays and river systems across the area.  Using top water plugs for trout can be great as you get to see that top water hit.  I encourage clients to release their Speckled Trout also, but they too are mighty fine eating. 

FLOUNDER: Flounder
Year round fishing  We use jigs mostly, but also use finger Mullet and Shrimp. Pretty much fishing the bottom.  I love a fried Flounder, especially stuffed with fresh crabmeat.  Although we don't offer gigging, it is exceptionally good in this area in the winter months.

JACK CREVALLE :Jack Cravelle
Jacks are pound for pound the strongest fighting inshore fish.  They travel in small to large schools in the summer months.  You can find them almost anywhere. They can be caught on live and artificial baits.  Not too good to eat.

BLUEFISH :bluefish
Blue fish are mainly caught in the winter months.  Pretty strong for their size, and have sharp teeth, and a good fighting fish.  These fish are usually caught in our passes or close to beach on the Gulf side.  Lotís of people eat Blue Fish, but it is a little too oily tasting for me.

The ladyfish jumps more than any fish I know of.  It is not a fish that we try for,  but when one gets on, look out for a lot of jumps and a good fight.  They will hit almost anything you put in front of them and all year round.  No good to eat but a lot of fun to catch.

Spanish Mackerel are seasonal, Spring and Fall are the best runs although you can catch them all Summer.  We catch them on live bait or artificial bait.  They are an aggressive fish and a lot of fun to catch, especially their initial run.  Pretty tasty grilled, fried, or broiled.

SHEEPHEAD:  Sheephead

Sheephead are caught mainly around pilings and structure.  We mainly use live Shrimp or pieces of Shrimp.  Got to be quick to catch these guys.  They are known for stealing the bait!  Some good eating also, fried, grilled or broiled.


POMPANO :Pompano
The pompano are mainly caught off the beaches and in passes here.  We use small jigs, sometimes shrimp, but the sand flea is probably the best bait.  It also is an excellent eating fish.

Fly Fishing

Ok I have been asked to put a few things out on the Fly Fishing here.  If you like to fly fish there are plenty of fish here to catch using your fly rod.  Take your pick.  Although I do not supply fly fishing gear, I do take numerous people fly fishing here.  Most fly fisherman prefer to use their own fly rod and gear anyhow. 

If you are coming down and not hiring a guide and want to know what to use, just email me or give me a call and I will try to help you. 

Some of the best flies to use are listed below.  I have included a website for you to visit for all of your flies when coming to this area.  

Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle in Gulf Breeze (850) 932-6789  has everything you need in Pensacola Beach area.

Grays Tackle and Guide Service in Perdido area  850-492-2666


Lots of speckled trout, redfish, bluefish, you name it, they will hit a popper. 

Clouser Minnow

The bigger sizes for trout, redfish, mackerel, bonito, and flounder-size

Glass Minnow 

These are very effective patterns in our area and are attractive to virtually everything


These are flies that I use but all of the above info comes from Travis Akins website "Beach Flies" at:


Specializing in light tackle fishing.   

Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Sheephead, Bluefish, Drum, Lady Fish, Spanish, Bonita

All bait, tackle, ice and fishing licenses are provided

For additional information on trips, prices, available times, or just fishing info: 

Cell..(850) 380-4101


Located in Pensacola, Florida serving Pensacola, Perdido Key, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores







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