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from the heart

Yes Steve is recording another CD but no release date yet. 

For the "From The Heart" CD, you can go to the Songs page and download songs today.  The entire Piece of Mind CD is listed and several of the songs on the new From The Heart CD are up.

Songs  include:  Just Say No, I Found Love, You're The Right One, Best Years of My Life, It's Not The End, Love To See You Smile, From The Heart, Piece of Mind, One More Time, Blue Marlin Darlin

Check out the clips of the songs on the songs page from the different CD's. 

I know this one took a long time, and it is done!  I had finished recording all of the songs and was ready to go to master when I got in touch with Denver and he agreed to cut all of the guitar tracks.  Denver DeWitt was the original guitar player for The Pilots and is now living in Tampa while touring and doing studio sessions.  Naturally I was real excited so I put things on hold while Denver cut the guitar  tracks. 


cd front

These songs are Steve with a little touch of Blues and a lot of Fishing!

Fish On, Blue Marlin Blues, Tournament Time Cajun Caribbean, Find Um, Line Um, Tag Um & Drag Um, Blue Marlin, Piece of Mind, Looks Like We'll Be Cruising, Don't Worry Bout It

Buy Now using Pay Pal by clicking on the button above.  $15.95

Or you can go to the Songs page and download any song from any CD individually. 




After moving to Pensacola, I took a long break from music.  My wife Page inspired me to start writing again.  The songs on this site range from the first recordings to my current work.  I enjoy writing more now than ever.  

Since moving to Pensacola, Florida I have become addicted to Billfishing.  The thrill of sport fishing still gets my heart pumping.    The site also includes a link to some pages on "The Pilots" and a link to our fishing "Inspiration Charters".  Visit them all and enjoy.


steve at pianokeywest sunsetsteve & cats

        Deep Thought!                                 Key West Sunset                                        Steve and cats on the boat after fishing



steve tiff anna           anna page tiff

Steve and daughters, Anna and Tiffaney                                    Anna, Page, and Tiffaney

playing the blues

Steve recently did a fund raiser at the Grande Lagoon Yacht Club in Pensacola, Florida.  Hurricane Ivan did a number on the Yacht Club as well as the entire city of Pensacola.  Great turnout and a great time. 


"Denver Dewitt"

from the heart     cd front  pilots      pilots back

musician mag            album real fine lady

Steve Jones formally the singer songwriter of The Pilots.  The Pilots were out of Greenville SC. and were Steve Jones, Denver DeWitt, Joe Boone, and Scott King.  Although the members changed, these were the original members. 

Steve was the primary writer and Denver DeWitt had two songs on their The Pilots EP early 80's.  Denver Dewitt has since recorded and released several CD's and presides in South Florida.  Steve's latest CD features Denver on the guitar tracks.



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