Steve Jones      


Piece of Mind


All of the lyrics to the songs are below.  Each one has a little something to say about a different day of fishing.  

Fish On, Blue Marlin Blues, Cajun Caribbean, Tournament Time,  Find Um, Line Um, Tag Um & Drag Um, Blue Marlin Darlin, Piece of Mind, Looks Like We'll Be Cruising, Don't Worry Bout It

FISH ON  (Lots of things go on when a fish gets on the line.  The excitement of a hook up is one of the best parts of sportsfishng)

You fish for years, and you get a team, that knows just what to do

When the moment comes, it happens so fast, most people donít have a clue

Running round, trying to see, what line that the fish is on0

Just about the time, you get it right, the fish has jumped and gone

I know this has never happened to you, cause youíre know s one of the best

When you hear this sound, and donít go nuts, well youíre not like the rest

Fish on, get the lines out the water, whoís turn is it on the reel

Fish on, it ainít your turn, wonít you run and take the wheel

Well the wahoo is a pretty fast fish, you rarely see him bite

Boy you, get a big one running, heíll give you a pretty good fight

The wahooís stripes, are something to see, but a dolphins colors shine

But when that fish, is going straight down, itís a tuna on the line

I have learned, it doesnít matter, what fish gets in the bait

When someone on the deck, yells fish on, itís like horses out of the gate

Fish on get the line out the water, help um get to the chair

Fish on this ainít no drill, well heís jumping in the air

Next time when you go fishing, take the time to talk to your crew

Make sure when thereís a fish on, they all know what to do

And when they act all crazy like their brains are scattered and gone

Jut remember, thatís what happens to you, when someone yelling, fish on

BLUE MARLIN BLUES (If you Marlin fish enough, you surely have had the Blue Marlin Blues.  This one I wrote after my wife Page lost her biggest ever Blue Marlin.)

 We were leaving out of Port Eades one day, some guys from Venice were showing the way

We headed south in search of a line, some headed east and left us behind

It wasnít long before we had the lines out, the boat up ahead was hooked up no doubt

Moments later fishing around a drill, we have a marlin on oh what a thrill

My blood pressure rising as he jumps in the air, hop he doesnít jump off weíve all been there

Just about the time we have things under control, the line goes limp and we all go cold

Blue marlin blues, a thing they call paying your dues, Call it what you want to when it happens to you

Remember the blue marlin blues

 Well the boat up ahead has broke the line, weíre both on the radio starting to wine

Another drill ahead weíre heading that way, all we ask for is another shot today

Weíve been trolling for hours getting bored you know, then comes that sound get read to go

Well half the spools gone and sheís still peeling, Iím backing down hard and the anglers a reeling

She jumps, greyhounds my angler starts to wine, sheís at the back of the boat, a ton of grass on the line

She takes a dive down as the angler screams and cries, itís a fight between them, hope nobody dies

Blue marlin blues

Three hours later I heard my angler say, I canít take it anymore is it another way

Tighten the drag try to reel is what I say, one of you is going to loose this fishing day

It wasnít long before we knew who would win, broke the line swam away marlin blues begin

Cajun Caribbean (If you have never been there, this will give you an idea what Port Eades La is like.  It is an experience you don't want to miss.)

Thereís a place in south Louisiana.  Itís not where a lot of people go

Well Port Eades is one of my favorite places and thereís a few things I want you to know

Itís one of those tiny places.  They ainít  no busses, cars, or trains

Well I donít know but two ways to get there, and thatís by boat or water plane

Well I had a friend who stayed at Hiltons.  Said he wanted to go

So I said love to have you.  First set down thereís a few things you ought to know 

Itís a Cajun Caribbean, Down in the delta, Some of the finest people I know

Cajun Caribbean, Snake, gators, and mosquitoes, you sure you still want to go

 Well we took him along just for a laugh.  I was sure he was in for a big surprise

We arrived at the dock late that afternoon, man you should have seen the look in his eyes

We got tied up, he jumped off the boat, wanted to check out the accommodations

It wasnít long he ran back to the boat, we knew we had a situation

Come on in, close the door, kick back, he had mosquitoes all over his neck

Watch where you step if you go back outside, might be a gator on the deck

Itís a Cajun Caribbean, Down the Mississippi, you wonít get any room service here

Cajun Caribbean, Laid back style of living, take your tie off, sit back and get a beer

I figured it was time to take a trip down the old club house trail

So we grabbed a flashlight and headed down the path and my light began to fail

Now the water was high, my light was dim, and of course we were just a funning

Snake ran through his legs, my light shinned on a gator, and he was off a running

Well we made it to the club house.  Got something to eat and looked at the pictures on the wall

Then I mentioned it was time to head on back, and boy he began to squawl.

Itís a Cajun Caribbean, A little piece of heaven, you need to wake up and look around

Cajun Caribbean, A place to get away from the city noise and things that get you down

 Next day we went fishing, he seemed more relaxed, even put on some old tennis shoes

Got back to the dock, he jumped out and started talking, I said looks like this place is rubbing off on you

Went back to the club house, he stepped on a gator, heís taking pictures to carry home

Got back to the boat and heís just a talking, trying to call home on the phone

Canít wait to get home, wants to tell everyone, about what heís done and where heís been

Itís got gators, snakes, and fishing, and Iím just a wishing, Iíll come back to this place again

 Cajun Caribbean, Down in the delta, some of the finest people I know

Cajun Caribbean, One thing for sure, if you havenít been you gotta go

 Itís a Cajun Caribbean, A little piece of heaven, you need to wake up and look around

Cajun Caribbean, A place to get away from the city noise and things that get you down

Tournament Time (Tournament all so much fun to fish.  It is all of the excitement that keeps me going.)

If you could imagine 50 boats in a row, all backed up to the dock getting ready to go

Thereís fuel, ice, check the baits and ballyhoo, sharpen the hooks, thereís so much to do

Check the leaders, swivels, and the bimini knots, make sure you have the beer, lots and lots

 Itís tournament time, thereís only one kind, itís a fishing phenomenon

Itís a fishing fever, nothing could be sweeter, then to be on the boat thatís won

 Weíll be checking the lines and tightening the drags, weíll be loading up the food and several fishing bags

Thereíll be lots of dock talk, weíre watching the weather, if the radar looks bad, weíll hope it gets better

We go to the meeting, get your bag, hat, and rules, stand in line, bet your money like a fool

We take the ride out, sometimes itís late at night, talking on the radio, we fish at first light

Have a team that fishes hard, thatís what it takes, getting lines in and out the water, watching the baits

 You hope that youíll be flying some flags on the way back to the dock

You hope that youíre not still hooked up late, and racing against the clock

 Then comes the moment when we see the fishes weight, you could win or loose, an ounce can be your fate

Some will loose and some will win, everybodyís chasing that fish with a fin

We make the run back and we sit in line, anticipating winning, ah itís on so fine

So when itís all done we have one question in mind, whenís the next day that itís tournament time

Find um, line um, drag um, and tag um (I love to billfish, but I hate killing one.  Keep those pointy nose's alive!)

 Well I love to look back behind the boat, see the plastics and the ballyhoo as they float

All of a sudden thereís a swirl on the flat, I thought I saw a fin, can you imagine that

Everyoneís looking to see if itsí a bill, a pointy nose fish that we donít want to kill

Thereís a bill in the bait yelled one of the crew, sheís hooked on the flat line, so what do we do

Well, we find um, line um, drag um and tag um, Donít want to hurt that pointy nose fish

Well, we find um, line um, drag um and tag um, Catching a marlin is every mans wish

 Sheís peeling off line on a 80 wide reel, itís that exciting sound like a roulette wheel

She jumps in the air and my heart goes to my feet, greyhounds across the water, donít except defeat

We gain a little line and she takes it back, whole time I yelling donít give her no slack

Just about the time we get her along the side, she strips off more line to the bottom to hide

 Well, we find um, line um, drag um and tag um, Sometimes itís easy when they co-o-op-er-ate

Well, we find um, line um, drag um and tag um, This oneís a female and weíll have to wait

 Well some people donít understand what we do, ride a hundred miles and fish a day or two

I wonder if itís worth all the time we wait, until my blood pressure rises when a fish gets in the bait

 Well, we find um, line um, drag um and tag um

 Up beside the boat and weíre grabbing the leader, look at the colors, it couldnít be sweeter

Careful with the tag, place it where it doesnít hurt, get the hook out, donít forget my skirt

Hold her in the water and drag her for a while, hold her till sheís ready, even if it is a mile

Now swim off you beautiful point nose, live another day, thatís how the story goes

 Well, we find um, line um, drag um and tag um

BLUE MARLIN DARLIN (You guessed it,  this one is about my wife Page.  She is truely my Blue Marlin Darlin.)

 Well fishing has been a part of my life, Most men will tell you itís hard with a wife

Some women like it and some women donít, Some will give it a try and some wonít

Well I got kind of luck and found my wish, My wife gives me all her love and lord she loves to fish

 Sheís my blue marlin darlin, Her eyes light up when a fish gets in the bait

Blue marlin darlin, Doesnít complain when we have a long wait, Blue marlin darlin


She makes sure I get breakfast in the morning, I make sure if a storm coming she gets a warning

And when a fish gets in the bait she jumps in the air, Iíll climb down off the bridge make sure she gets to the chair

I love to yell down ďwhat you got there darlinĒ, Just to see her smile and tell me ďitís a blue marlinĒ

 Sheís my blue marlin darlin, Thereís nothing finer you see

Blue marlin darlin, Iím lucky she fell in love with me, Blue marlin darlin

 Well sometimes we just cruise the water and watch the sun set, I think sheíd rather be fishing, matter fact, Iíd almost bet

I could set back and say Iím too tired you know, Sheíd load up the boat and say weíre ready to go

Now I enjoy every minute with my wife, And I tell you weíre having the time of our life

 Blue marlin darlin, I couldnít love you anymore than I do, Blue marlin darlin, Iíll be spending the rest of my life with you

 Blue marlin darlin, I love you dearly, it wasnít my only wish, Blue marlin darlin, but I wouldnít complain, itís nice you love to fish

Blue marlin darlin

PIECE OF MIND (This song is from another CD that will be released in the Fall called "From The Heart".  I liked the song a lot and although it is not a fishing song, I'm sure you have your own "Piece of Mind".   Hope you like it. 

 You hear the sound of the waves on the bay, as they wash up at the end of the day

Sunsetís near, now itís almost gone, you run to catch it, next day at dawn

Time goes by, those things have passed, those special moments, are yours while they last

 Piece of mind Well I hope that you find, Your piece of mind, just a piece of mind

 Thereís no worries, thereís no troubles there, may not last long, it may be too rare

Could be the ocean, while cruising the boat, could be sunning, with a drink on a float

Well you travel, the world and not find, that special moment, your piece of mind

 Piece of mind, everyone needs to find, A piece of mind, just a piece of mind

 Someone playing the piano, someone sitting on the couch in a daze

One is giving to the other, they might not find it any other way

Both are getting whatís so hard to find, that special moment, their piece of mind

Piece of mind, everyone needs to find, A piece of mind, just a piece of mind

Lookís like weíll be cruising (When we're not fishing, we love to cruise.  Of course we always manage to get some fishing in while cruising.)

 I was thinking about taking a trip, made a few changes in my life

Gonna load up the boat and head across the ocean, just me and my wife

So weíll head out in the morning, do our traveling during the day

Head on South to the Bahamas, no hurry but on our way

 Lookís like weíll be cruising, Weíll watch the sun set every night

Lookís like weíll be cruising, All the time Iíll be holding you tight

 Dock in the keys and weíll socialize, spend some time making a bunch of new friends

They say the islands are full of good times and you donít want to ever end

We might go fishing for a marlin or two, we might just sit at the dock

One thing we wonít do is worry about time, we wonít even take a clock

 Lookís like weíll be cruising, Leave our troubles and our worries at home

Lookís like weíll be cruising, Out on the water in another zone

 Weíll make it back to Pensacola one day, but weíre gonna take our sweet time

Weíll be stopping all along the way, to see the friends we made coming down the line

One thing for sure about this trip, it didnít change a thing with me and my wife

Cruising down the coast while catching a marlin or two, has just become a part of our life

Don't Worry Bout It (The first song that I wrote for this CD was Don't Worry Bout It.  It was written for and dedicated to Earl Robinson.  Earl is always telling me "don't worry bout it".  Sounded like a good song to me.  Just a typical day on the Gulf of Mexico.)

I was cranking up the engines one morning,  Those 671's are pretty loud

And when the temperature cold and you start her,  She leaves a little cloud

I back her out and spin around the basin, Headed out today

Radio's a blasting, Earl says I woke him, I said it ain't no way

He hears me going, he's got a work, I yelling, go grab a reel

He calls me back, I'm on my way! Pick me up at Rod and Reel

What about the guys at the shop, you think they'll be OK

Quit worrying bout the small things, he said, I'm going fishing today

So Don't Worry Bout it, Don't sweat the small things, I'm going fishing today

Don't worry bout it, let the phone ring, I'll worry bout it some other day

Nothing like a ride on the water to get a piece of mind

Sometimes mother nature is talking, you wish you'd  stayed behind

Today the waters calm and we're trolling, hunting for a bill

Everyone's a waiting for the moment a 50 wide to spill

Earls on the deck, my wife she's a pacing, who get's the reel

I'm watching from the bridge while on auto, Whow, I better grab the wheel

Fish in the bait, he's on the short line, better drop her back

Looks like it's a pointy nose on, so don't give her no slack

Don't worry bout it

Time to pull umm up, time to go, everybody wants to stay

Let's head to the barn, raise up those flags, We'll go another day

Push umm up, we're crusing along, we'll have a little totty

Hurry back, go to the yacht club, just in time to party

Don't worry bout it