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from the heart This CD is now available 

I know this one took a long time, and it is done!  I had finished recording all of the songs and was ready to go to master when I got in touch with Denver and he agreed to cut all of the guitar tracks.  Denver DeWitt was the original guitar player for The Pilots and is now living in Tampa while touring and doing studio sessions.  Naturally I was real excited so I put things on hold while Denver cut the guitar  tracks. 


steve piano

All of the songs are now available below from this CD.  Check out 'Snocap" below and give them a listen.  Songs on the CD will include Best Years of My Life, Just Say No, Love to See You Smile, From The Heart, I Found Love, You're The Right One, Piece of Mind "this cut of Piece of Mind has Denver playing guitar on it", Its' Not The End and Blue Marlin Darlin

Available by download from below.  Just scroll down to Snocap player and download any one or all of the tunes.  Three albums also available on download:  Piece of Mind,The Pilots EP and  From The Heart CD.  If you would like the  complete CD email and receive by mail order. 



cd back





cd front

These songs are a little touch of Blues and a lot of Fishing!

Fish On, Blue Marlin Blues, Tournament Time, Cajun Caribbean, Find um, Line um, Tag um, and Drag um, Blue Marlin Darlin, Piece of Mind, Looks Like We'll Be Cruising, Don't Worry Bout It

These are just short clips of each song.  CD's are available in retail stores or online ordering.  click on the buy now button:

 or by email.

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Want to see the song lyrics, click here.


      The Pilotspilots  

Dream Girl, Don't Let Her Take Your Heart Away, I Told You So, I Found Love, Last Chance  (Dream Girl & Don't Let Her Take Your Heart Away were written by Denver Dewitt)







Steve Jones "way way way back"

fergusons                                real fine lady

        From L to R, Joe Boone, Sonny Ferguson, David Ferguson, Steve                                       Steve & the 1st of The Pilots


The Pilots

This is the ONE & ONLY "Star Search" song.  "Slip Away"  Yes, The Pilots on Star Search.  Click below to see the OLD Star Search video.  

Slip Away Star Search Video 

Members of  "The Pilots" on the above Pilots EP were Steve Jones, Denver DeWitt, Joey Boone, & Scott King.  You can find out more information on "The Pilots" by going to the link I provided.












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